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Since 1999,
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for Adults, Minors and New Brides.
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Brides Name Change
Within 48 hours of your order, we send you hard copies of all the forms that you need to change your social security card, driver's license, passport, motor vehicle registration, voter registration, and more. You save hours of tedious work and stress!

Customized Form



Get all the forms you need to legally change your name after marriage. Based on your county of residence, we provide you with personalized marital name change forms. You save hours of work and frustration.

With our easy-to-use New Jersey Bridal Name Kit, you can rest easy. Within 48 hours of your order, we send you hard copies of all the forms that you need, plus step-by-step instructions, to change to your new marital name. We provide you with everything you need, including a DSMV 450 Form, SS 5 Form, easy to follow instructions, and much more. We are the leading provider of marital name change forms to new brides in the Garden State!

If you have a new last name because of marriage, certain notifications are mandatory under the New Jersey Statutes. Our New Jersey Bridal Name Change Kit includes all of the forms (fully customized with your personal information) to notify both state and Federal agencies of your new last name. The following forms (fully completed and ready for you to sign and submit) are included in your bridal kit:

New Jersey Department of Transportation
Local Voter Registrar
Social Security Administration
United States Passport Agency

It has been estimated that nearly 40 percent of new brides fail to file appropriate paperwork to notify government agencies of their new marital names. Newlyweds who neglect to accurately complete and file all of their required marital name change documents put themselves at risk. Each year, thousands of new brides encounter legal and logistical nightmares due to inconsistent driver's license records, passports, voter registrations, social security records and tax records-- DON'T BE ONE OF THEM!

As with all Form Kits, we will provide:

Step-By-Step Instructions for Each Form
Real Person Customer Service
100% Money Back (No-Questions-Asked) Guarantee


New Jersey Court: Presumption That Child Should Share Last Name Of Custodial Parent Does Not Apply To Children Who Were Born “in Wedlock”