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Name Change Law and Procedures

Section 2A:52-1 of the New Jersey Statutes sets forth the basic procedures required for a name change application. Both our blank and customized New Jersey name change kits provide you with the materials that you need to comply with the law and easily change your name. The New Jersey Statute provides as follows:

2A:52-1. Action for change of name

Any person may institute an action in Superior Court, for authority to assume another name. The complaint for a change of name shall be accompanied by a sworn affidavit stating the applicant's name, date of birth, social security number, whether or not the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime, and whether any criminal charges are pending against him and, if such convictions or pending charges exist, shall provide such details in connection therewith sufficient to readily identify the matter referred to. The sworn affidavit shall also recite that the action for a change of name is not being instituted for purposes of avoiding or obstructing criminal prosecution or for avoiding creditors or perpetrating a criminal or civil fraud. If criminal charges are pending, the applicant shall serve a copy of the complaint and affidavit upon any State or county prosecuting authority responsible for the prosecution of any pending charges. A person commits a crime of the fourth degree if he knowingly gives or causes to be given false information under this section. Amended 1981, c. 362, § 1, 1993, c. 228, § 1.


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